Finding your soulmate


This ‘something' I knew was simple but profound, and came from the source of all existence.

The feeling that came from this receiving of the source was a richness and tenderness and beauty such that words cannot describe.

It was All, it was forever, and it was the feeling of at last finding your true home, your true self, and something else… like someone calling." [THE SCIENCE OF SOULMATES]

Those who accept destiny know they are destined to meet their soulmates. But even if you don't believe in destiny, or a transcendental design behind the universe, or even those who don't believe in soulmates, can still search for your perfect match.

Two things are essential in your active search for your soulmate, your true self, and telepathy. It is not widely known that telepathy has been proved time and again by legitimate scientific experiments as at Princeton. (1)

Your true self can be made more powerful by Awareness raising exercises. You need to find or become more of your self because you will not know your soulmate otherwise, and he or she will not recognize you.

No amount of socializing or speed dating will help you more than being your true self.

(1) The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice. Since that time, an interdisciplinary staff of engineers, physicists, psychologists, and humanists has been conducting a comprehensive agenda of experiments and developing complementary theoretical models to enable better understanding of the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality.

Self Evolution.

The Science of Soulmates goes into great depth about developing the mindstate to allow telepathic contact. This is not meditation only. Meditation in itself is a wonderful experience that can calm your being, bring you into the present moment and reach higher areas of your being. The techniques in the Science of Soulmates go further and provide a complete program for self evolution.

The method of self evolution has many layers and instructs how to light the depths of your being, allowing your larger self to awaken. If done properly and faithfully you will feel your soulmate and you will begin to remember them. You will also more and more feel the being of existence which is your source. You will enter a wider realm and you will know, and no longer have to believe.

The methods if practised regularly are truly life transforming. You will become your true self, and you will enter a world that you did not know existed. Life will become an intensely aware dreamlike experience where trees and landscapes and all reality will mean something entirely different than what you have become used to. Everything will come alive and shine with its essence. You will step into a wider reality. You will be intimately connected with all of existence.

Can you remember the wonder the world beheld when you were a child? As You self evolve you will again enter this wonder and go even further into a world overflowing with magnificence. How do I know this? Because I have been there. I spent more than a decade totally devoted to entering more fully this wider reality.

It is possible for you to get there. More than this it is your birthright. It is the way we are meant to be, but our higher self has been stolen away by the materialism of our world and the unreal expectations that "adults" must live up to. We can all live more fully and fulfilled, with a deep connection to existence. And the method of self evolution is not difficult. It is so easy. The only "difficult" thing is finding at least half an hour per day, or an hour every 2nd to third day to practice. The practice itself is simple. Simply stilling your mind. The method of self evolution instructs how to navigate and utilize your higher faculties that come out of this simple mind stilling. Also, it will save your life, for you will become the self that never dies, and you will know this.

You will become your own authority and you will know how to strengthen your telepathic contact with your soulmate who you will feel all around you. In a way, when you reach your higher self you will have found your soulmate because they will be with you. The methods of self evolution in The Science of Soulmates are very specific, but after you have mastered them you will no longer need to practise, because you would have become you. Your soulmate and you are worth the effort.

Tools to find your Soulmate

The methods of self evolution will bring you to your fuller being and you will become your truer self. This alone will attract your soulmate (and vary many others!) No matter what their physical appearance, someone who has "found" their true self and are being deeply their self is very attractive to other people. Adults, children and animals unconsciously recognize a true soul, and are drawn to that true soul. Once you have become yourself you will feel this attraction from others as a tangible force.

Cambridge biologist Oscar Bagnell designed special hollow lenses filled with colored dye that sensitized his eyes and enabled him to view the aura. (see The Science of the Soul) Bagnell and other aura watchers say that every once in a while a much brighter ray “reaches out from the aura like a searchlight” and extends several feet from the body before vanishing again. These rays are like a gentle touch, and you will feel them as tangible as if a person had touched you, but with this touch comes an instant knowledge of their being.

This is what human beings are constantly involved with. This energy interaction is constant. When you evolve to your true self you will consciously enter this world and be able to manipulate it. You can for example "hold" people near you for a extended time, and they will stay longer than they planned. You can also do the opposite. You can calm people and even heal them. I remember as an art student, sitting in a lecture theater using my energy to touch the ear of girl a few rows down, and how she touched her ear and turned around smiling looking for the culprit. She was obviously attuned to this deeper world that most are oblivious to.

Are you beginning to see the tools that self evolution can provide to help you find your soulmate and lead a richer life? In The Science of Soumates, my main goal in this area is to provide the methods to self evolve so you can enter this wonderful world. Once you have become your true self you will make your way in this world and pick up the tools you can use to find your soulmate and have some fun along the way. I don't go into the nuts and blots of tools to find your soulmate. The tools are something I could not describe in words. They are ways of reaching out with your feeings that only an evolved soul would know. This is why I show the reader how to self evolve. But I will try to generalize about some tools.

The attraction of others to your true self in one tool. You must realize that no amount of socializing or speed dating will help you more than being your true self. So spend time becoming your true self and then go to where people are. They will be attracted to you and you can feel them and feel for your soulmate. I have said before that when you self evolve you will feel your soulmate all around you. So you know who you are feeling for.

This feeling for them can be practised while alone. And alone time is necessary to feel them. Within your expanded being you will have feelings of other places or people or situations, and it pays to follow these intuitions. It is said that feelings of Deja vu happen when you are on the right path. In my experience this is true. The Deja vu often occurs when you have an experience that you previously dreamed of. And dreams are a powerful way to connect to our soulmate. You can say to your self before sleep that you will connect with your soulmate in your dreams. After awhile this could very well happen, but dreams involve many levels so unless you have self evolved you will not recognize (feel) what is real from what is the stuff of dreams.

You can practise astral travel, however in my experience this can be fraught with dangers because you will happen across other astral travelers that may have evil intentions. The astral travel world is full of others, and most don't know that they are traveling. Also the practise can interfere with your sleep habits and can cause lasting disturbances in your being from some encounters. Even in the book from which I studied astral travel there was a warning from the author that astral travel can crack the egg before the chicken (us) is ready to come out. Therefore I do not provide instructions for astral travel, but there are many books on the subject.

Be aware of serendipity... your higher being and your soulmate will send you clues on how to find one another. Recognizing a soulmate comes in many forms and again, if you have not self evolved these clues will simply not be seen by you. Clairvoyants can be a good tool if you get the right one. The information from a clairvoyant sometimes should not be taken literally and be seen more as a metaphor. Again, to sound like a broken record, it is imperative that you take the time to self evolve so you can know the truth.

When you meet your soulmate, in person or in dreams, or even on the internet, you will feel a very powerful connection.... it is imperative that they feel the same, and they will if they are your soulmate. If they don't it is probably because something about them reminds you of your soulmate and the feeling of connection is with your actual soulmate who is still out there searching for you.

So the main tool in finding your soulmate is you. Your true self. Spend time to become your true self and this higher most powerful being will find the way.

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