The left eye secret

The power of the left eye.

An original discovery by the Author.

To explain how to see the side of a person that they choose to hide and to see the true self, the window to the soul, we first need a bit of science.

We all have two brain hemispheres. A left brain and a right brain separated into two distinct cerebral hemispheres, connected by the corpus callosum. The two sides resemble each other and each hemisphere's structure is mostly mirrored by the other side. But despite the similarities, the functions of each hemisphere are different and in many ways unique.

The discovery that the human brain has two different ways of thinking developed through the work of Nobel Prize winner psycho biologist Roger W Sperry in the 60's. The idea of left brain and right brain thinking emerged where the visual right brain is seen to processes information intuitively and simultaneously, looking first at the whole picture then breaking it into details. The verbal left brain processes information analytically and sequentially, and looks first at the pieces then puts them together to get the whole.

Our right and left hemispheres control the opposite side of our bodies, so the right hemisphere controls our left side and processes what we see in our left eye while the left hemisphere controls the right side and processes what our right eye sees.

Research has found that the left side of the face is emotionally more expressive than the right side. This was shown in a study where the right and the left halves of a face image were combined with their mirror-reversed duplicates to make composite images. When people were asked which face appeared more emotional, they selected the left-left over the right-right composite more often.

The left side of our body is wired to the right side of our brain, and vice versa. This cross-over even to our eyes, which process a majority of their sensory data on opposite sides of the brain.

In his work, Sperry conducted "split-brain" experiments where a patient suffering from uncontrolled seizures had an area of his brain removed (the corpus collosum) by surgery in an attempt to control his illness. Following surgery, Sperry's patient seemed completely normal, but not quite. Tests were conducted where each "half" of the patient's brain functions were isolated from the other. The different visual and tactile information was presented to the patient's left or right side, without the other side knowing. The results astounded the researchers.

With their communications link severed, each side of the patient's brain was functioning as a separate individual. The right eye could name an object, such as a crayon, and the right hand could write down what it was, but the patient could not explain what it was used for. When it was shown to the left hand and eye, the patient could explain and demonstrate its use, but could not name it. More studies demonstrated that various functions of thought are localized to a specific area on either the left or right side of the human brain..

From these experiments there appear to be two modes of thinking: verbal and nonverbal, represented rather separately in left and right hemispheres, and that our education system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it seems to comes down to is that modern society unwittingly discriminates against the right hemisphere.

Now, our society is left brained and because we "think" left brained, the identity we show the world is left brained. However, our right brain has another hidden identity. The right brain is not utilised by us in social communication or the identity we project to others. In fact, we are mostly unaware of our right brain identity as we have been trained to be left brained. Conversely, we are aware of our left brain identity, and can "fake" this identity (e.g. pretend to be a nice person when we are not). We basically have control of our left brained identity as we do over our left brained functions. However, not only are we not aware of our right brained identity, we also have no control over it. Therefore our true self is exposed in this right brain identity. Since we are not aware of it and don't utilize right brain functions consciously, we cannot fake this identity. Also, the right brain is non verbal and in touch with the unconscious, which is also non verbal. Many prominent psychologist such as Jung and Dr. Scott Peck, explain that the unconscious could be another term for the soul, or at least the window to it. Because of the crossover, our LEFT eye goes to our right brain. The left eye therefore, is literally the window to the soul and the indicator of the hidden, unmasked true self.

Psychologists in the field of social interaction tell us that as we talk or look at a personís face our eyes scan both the other persons eyes, to other parts of the face then back to the eyes again. However, from years of observation I noticed that we only concentrate on the right eye. We may scan both but we only take notice of the right eye. You can prove this to yourself by deliberately looking at someone's LEFT eye while in conversation, or upon meeting. Once you do this you will realize how "unnatural" this is. You will literally have to force yourself to do it. You will habitually go back to only taking notice of the right eye! Incredibly, human beings have a subconscious agreement not to take notice of the personality in the left eye!

If you break the agreement and take notice of the left eye, you will be looking at the person's true self. The window to the soul. And in many people you will see another person entirely!

I discovered this secret through years of drawing and painting portraits. I noticed there were different people in each eye. I have searched and there is no knowledge of this secret out there. Those who read this and practice it will be the first to be able to see the true self with this method. I have progressed beyond this technique and can feel people's energy. Also, I can focus slightly in front of a persons face and kind of see/feel their true self. I am sure others will be able to do this too, and the left eye practice seems to lead to this. You will also have the power to change people with this method. When you see their true self, they will unconsciously, and often consciously, become aware that you see their true self. They will know they can not pretend, or lie to you any more, or harbor resentment etc, and they will let go and become more their higher self around you.

If you want to practice this technique you can look at photographs of different people and look in each eye and try to see the true self and the social self. If you get a history book, or go through photographs of historic people on the net and look into their right and left eye, and take note of the social self and the true self, then read about that person's life experience, you will learn why you saw happiness, or fear, or dignity, in their left eye (the window to the soul), that was not portrayed in thier right eye (the person they want the world to see)

If you see an actor in a movie act out a crying scene, and the tear comes from their right eye (social self), they are superficially acting, or empathizing with the scene, as if watching it. If the tear comes from their left eye (true self), they have dug deep to a real incident in the past (an acting technique) and the tear is real from remembering that time, or even that they are so engrossed in their part that they are kind of living it for real (this kind of acting can be emotionally distressful to an actor and they can get carried away; something directors keep a close eye on).

If someone is not being sincere they will turn their face so that their right eye is toward you. If they are taking from the heart they will turn the left side of their face towards you to emphasise the left eye. All this you will now notice!

This knowledge of the left eye opens up another world where you can see the true self of people. It is a very rich experience, and in many cases will change your world. -

You must practice first being able to read emotion or the way a person is feeling from their eyes. It does take practice. I have included an image of a woman who was recently on the news who had been abused by her husband. If you look at her right eye (which is to your left as you look at the image), you will see the person who she is projecting to the world, Which although she looks weary in this eye, it is mostly neutral. However if you look into her left eye (on your right as you look at her picture), (which is her true self) you will see the look of a woman who is almost beyond sadness: downtrodden, helpless in her misery. If you can not see what I have described, and you want to learn this ability. You must practice by looking at many photo portraits. It will help at first to look at some famous people that you know the circumstances of. For example, in a photo of Adolf Hitler, do you see madness, fear or cruelty in his left eye? And what about his right eye? What persona is he trying to put out to the world? Does it make sense according to what you know about him?

William Henderson

Author of The Science of Soulmates.

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