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If we think of the universe as a song, we can start to see possibilities that previously we would dismiss as fantasy. The ‘song’ - the source of existence - must come first. Matter would resonate and structure itself according to the song. Material existence would be the instrument with which the song is played. The song can only be played by a material existence, even though the song would still exist without being played. The song could not be played without the orchestra and voices of the universe.

And what is the song? We are all capable of hearing it. It is a lonely, searching tune that slowly moves toward a crescendo of fulfilment and profundity. We know this song; it is the song of our lives.

And what of the mystics who have heard the ‘song’, what do they ‘hear’?

  • ‘…not only is the mystic a potential interpreter of the “other world”, of the supermundane, even of the transcendental, he [or she] also confirms that there is something (others might say Someone) out there. If mystics are not completely mad, if they are not raving lunatics, then there are other dimensions to life than our commonplace, commonsense, everyday technological world view would be willing to concede. The mystic, by virtue of his [or her] encounter with a realm very different from that most of us experience, stands as a sign that the universe is indeed mysterious.'
  • A.M. Greeley. Ecstasy;: A way of knowing. Prentice-Hall Inc., New Jersey, 1974. P.7

    In my own mystical experience sometimes there is a meeting and mingling of myself and that ‘something’ which is ‘out there’. The perception of that something is not internal, it does not spring from inner feelings or imagination; it comes from out there. Because my mind was still, and because I had practiced this stillness for many years, I knew, and could feel, when something from outside, rather than within, came into my awareness. This ‘something’ I received was not ‘God’, was not ultimate peace or Nirvana, and was not a beautiful self-contained mathematical formula. It was intensely human, infinitely tender, sad, yearning, humble, and magnificent.

    This ‘something’ I knew was simple but profound, and came from the source of all existence. The feeling that came from this receiving of the source was a richness and tenderness and beauty such that words cannot describe. It was All, it was forever, and it was the feeling of at last finding your true home, your true self, and something else… like someone calling. I followed this source full-time for over a decade. The source that I perceived was so real and so wonderful that I gave up all other occupation in this world to follow it. I was twenty-six years old when I first began receiving the source directly, when it was only a whisper. Ten years later I decided to return to the ‘real’ world because I finally realised I could not find her out there, alone, at the edge. I sacrificed a large part of my youth in total isolation pursuing the source. And I am not the type of soul who would give away any part of his life needlessly. I always wanted all that life could give. I never wanted to miss out on anything, so at twenty-five years of age I had a high salaried executive position with the material possessions and lifestyle of material opulence. But my desire to experience everything in life drove me to find the source. What I received was so powerful I gave up everything to find out what it was.

    I feel it is important to make clear that I was not a recluse, who found something to comfort him in his seclusion. I was someone who wanted everything out of life, and who could do whatever it took to get it. I had the appearance and the ability to get the most out of materialistic existence, but I turned my back on this because I knew that the ‘something’ that I was receiving was real. I was a sceptical person who was very wary of being fooled by anything or anyone. I thought religions were like fairytales and I would not take anything on faith alone; I had to know, I had to have proof. I knew that what I was receiving was real, and if there was something else to existence than just material existence I wanted to know what it was. No theory or philosophy I studied had any factual or logical base to back it up, and I refused to believe in the final cop-out that we are not capable of understanding the ultimate reason for existence. I knew from what I was receiving that this ‘something’ wanted to be known, and it was up to us to bring it to full reality.

    I also saw no point in being meek or self-effacing when it came to theorising about existence. In articles and books scientists were admitting that the universe seemed ‘set-up’, because of the gigantic improbability of it being so finely ordered just by chance. But they kept coming up with cautious little add-on theories like chaos, or laws of harmony that they thought might lessen the odds without having to admit to a design. I saw no point in this approach. If a little patch up theory can exist, then a big, all encompassing theory could equally well exist! Scientists and researchers seemed to be willing only to accept a little magic in the universe, but once you accept a little magic, why not consider all magic, where all magic is the only possibility. We are all capable of perceiving Ultimate Reality, and when it comes to questions about our very reason for existence we must not accept just any answer merely on faith. We must, ourselves, know. And the only way to know the truth is to experience it.

    In my book, The Science of Soulmates, I reveal how you can experience the secret symphony of existence, which is also to experience and become your true self. With this comes a power that will transform your life. You will experience a wider reality and learn your ancient destiny, which is that you have a one and only soulmate who is searching for you. And you will hear your own music of existence, and enter your own song of life.


    William Henderson has studied philosophy, science, religion, psychology, sociology and art at various universities and has a degree from the University of South Australia. He has worked in a wide area of employment where he gained an affinity with people from all walks of life. At the age of twenty-six, after beginning a successful career as a company executive, he dropped out of mainstream society and began seeking true freedom. After developing his own style of meditation he began to receive what he was later to describe as the music of the source of existence. It was so strong that he followed it, trying to decipher its meaning, for the next 15 years. Along the way he discovered a way to evolve the mind to a higher level, which increased intelligence, slowed ageing, and as a side effect produced psychic abilities that enabled him to earn a living playing roulette. Most importantly he deciphered the music of the cosmos and wrote the book: The Science of Soulmates.

    William lives at the edge, as he calls it, constantly wandering the planet, on the road or the sea or the sky, always at the edge of civilisation, where in the stillness he can hear and feel the music of existence, and still be near enough to share it.

    Photograph of Will Henderson

    Will Henderson. Azores.

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