The Meaning of existence.

The Meaning of Life

If there is a purpose to existence then everything must exist for that purpose.

This means that all things that exist are the necessary structures that allow the meaning of existence.

Once we realize this we can search within these structures to find absolute truth. By exploring the details of how everything works within these structures we can work out exactly what the meaning of existence is.

The meaning of existence that emerges from this exploration has come from utilising all possible methods of human research. These include scientific evidence, mystical evidence, philosophical necessity, logic, and deduction.

The meaning uncovered, at its core, points to the existence of soulmates as the fundamental element in the fulfilment and design of the universe.

Along with soulmates the true nature of reincarnation, auras, transcendental consciousness and other higher realities are uncovered.

Evidence for a designed universe.

Scientists have said that the probability of the universe forming the way it has by chance alone is comparable to the probability that a monkey, randomly bashing away at a typewriter, could in one attempt write the complete works of Shakespeare, word for word and with no mistakes.

When we think about the odds against something happening as say, a million to one against, we would probably compare it to something like the lottery: the odds against wining are high, but someone does win. However, when seen in the example of the monkey at a typewriter, the practically impossible odds can be realized.

Now these odds refer to the universe forming the way it has after its beginning in the Big Bang. However science admits that it cannot theorize how the Big Bang began. Science has proved that the actual Big Bang is impossible. Scientists admit that before the big bang there was nothing. As a CERN scientist commented, 'there was nothing, not even a time or a place where something could happen'. Think about this. Not only was there no place the big bang could happen, there was no time at which it could spontaneously occur! But the universe did come from this nothing... somehow. If we can realize the scope of what this nothing means, we can begin to sense something fishy, or rather... it very much points to something, for want of a better word, super-natural. Something outside the normal reality. In normal reality there is no place or time for which anything can have happened...immerse your thoughts into this and you may hear god knocking. We go about our daily lives in a seemingly solid, dependable, rational world. But the truth is that science has revealed gigantic holes in the core of our reality. Our world simply should not be, by any stretch of the imagination. The evidence overwelmingly points to the fact that something weird is going on.

It is important to realize that not only is the universe forming the way it has practically impossible, the actual universe existing is absolutely impossible according to science. This means that we are living our lives in a world that our best scientists admit is impossible! No if or buts, this universe is impossible! So... if anything demands an alternative way of viewing the world then science does. Science's models have failed to provide a theory of existence that is at least possible. Its not the scientific method that is at fault here, it is that scientists will not take science into areas of meaning. We have an impossible universe that has formed in a way that is practically impossible. The only answer that can make sense of these impossibilities is that the universe is designed for a purpose and has an intelligent source. This makes the universe possible and answers why the universe is seemingly designed; because it is designed. If I may use a crude saying, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. Science is at a disadvantage because it can not say its a duck, because ducks are heresy to science. A designed universe is blasphemy to the religion of science. And make no mistake, science is a religion. It is a religion because it has a dogma which restricts its area of research. It is forbidden to take its scientific method into areas of meaning. This is absolutely forbidden. So science, which we rely on to uncover truth, is flawed, and the flaw has uncovered a giant duck that is staring scientists in the face: "meaning".

The Science of Soulmates does what science can not. It takes scientific method and uses it to look for evidence of a meaning and a design behind the universe. It then uses deduction to uncover a meaning that fits all the evidence and answers all the philosophical questions posed about a meaning for existence.

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