Sample Chapter from The Science of Soulmates.



‘“Did you ever feel,” She said, “that you’re missing someone you have never met?”’ Richard Bach.[1]


We travel through existence trying to understand what and who we are…

More than this.

We are trying to find the one we love - our other. To do this we must find ourselves. To find our true love we must find who and what we are; knowing we are the universe.

Even more than this.

It is more profound, more moving, touching, deep, tender, and desperate than I can express.

We are searching for each other forever…finding each other…loving, losing, finding again… trying to see more, to become aware of something more which we sense is there.

This is what the universe is. Not a pattern, ether, energy fields, positive and negative, Yin and Yang, balance of forces, God or Nirvana. The universe is a Woman/girl and a Man/boy desperately trying to find her or his Self and each other in the darkness of their beings. The light, the sight, the touch, is consciousness. We have to live through trials, through pain, loss, insanity, indignity and injustice; we have to do this to awaken: it is the only way…and the story is played out an infinite number of times, in pairs.

If the universe is the dream of the two Ultimate Beings of Woman and Man, then we are the ultimate form and soul of the dream. We are them: their dream self, but through our own efforts we awaken and become ourselves within the living dream of reality.

If we were to get a group of great composers together and ask them each to write a musical score based on, say, the subject of longing, they would each produce a piece of beautiful music. Each piece of music would have its own individual sound, but all the pieces of music would be about the same subject; they would all come from the same theme. This is a way to view the many women and men evolving toward their ultimate selves. The theme of the music is the ultimate Woman and Man. The individual pieces based on this theme are the pairs of soulmates. Each pair goes through a lifetime of experience unique to it. Therefore its consciousness is of a particular flavour; a unique composition different from any other pair.

If the Ultimate Beings are two, then we must evolve in twos. That is, we journey through lifetimes always connected to one other. If the story of existence is the ultimate Woman and the ultimate Man desperately trying to awaken to, and find one another, this must also be our story. Somehow through our soul’s evolution we must become entwined with another soul who becomes our one and only true love. This must happen because the Ultimate Beings are only two; that is, one relates only to one other, so in order for the integrity of the source of existence to be kept, consciousness must reflect this union.
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[1]Richard Bach. A Bridge Across Forever. Morrow, Williams & Co. 1984.


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