Soulmates and Spiritual Sex

With higher states of awareness, [See Telepathic Relationships], in sexual relationships you will reach higher planes of eroticism, enjoyment, closeness and a deeper synchronous flow with your partner.

Sex and eroticism are parts of the source of existence and parts of our enlightened or truer selves, and, of course, parts of the connection with our soulmate.

When we reach our higher selves we do not lose our lust, desire, or eroticism, but there is the addition of a profundity and overwhelming joy with the deep recognition of the other person, whether they are your soulmate or not.

With your soulmate the experience would of course be more astounding.

With the higher awareness, and the associated telepathic sharing (feeling of another's mind state and feelings), the connection would be very deep and profound.

From my own experience, I can feel another's feelings and their mind state and sometimes their thoughts. I know if the attraction is mutual, and later I know when or how to approach intimacy with them, from the first touch of their hair to a close embrace, because I can feel their longing to be touched or embraced. Of course I can feel their longing separate from my own.

This is just one example of an area where the still-mind flow (see meditation) higher awareness can make life richer and easier. Imagine how much easier it would be to form and have relationships if everybody had this higher state of being.

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